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We tried to design the navigation as simple and easy as possible.

  • First, at the left menue you choose wether you like to search our Maincatalog or our Monthly News. After you made your choice, you will be welcomed into our shopping-system.

  • Here you can view a list of our whole offers sorted by numbers (1), search for a specific keyword like author, title or description (2), or you can choose one of our preselected categories (3).

    If you chose to view our Monthly News, you will get a selection of the different months here.

  • Now you get a list of titles related to your choice and keywords. The tiles are sorted by numbers. If your search results in a high number of books they will be separated into several screens. You can jump from screen to screen with the buttons "Back" and "Next" at the end of each screen. Please do not use the buttons "Back" und "Next" of your programme (browser).

  • In these lists you can see the number, title, description, state and price of each book. If you like to order a title just enter the quantity into the field on the right (standard is 1) and choose "ADD". Now this title has been added to your shopping-cart.

  • Now you can use the "Back" and "Next"-buttons again to continue browsing the list or click "Maincatalog" / "Monthly News" to return to the entrance with the search form and start a new search.

  • The topic "Your Cart" shows all items you added there until now which were selected for purchase. If you like to delete an item from your shopping-cart just enter "0" (Zero) as quantity and select "ADD". This title is now erased from your cart.

  • When you finished shopping click on "Check-Out" at the mainmenue. Again, your whole shopping-cart will be listed and an order-form asks for your delivery and billing-data. Please enter your name, address, email. etc. in here. Finally you select "Order".

  • Now you get a verification of your order. Additionally an email of this verification will be send to your box.

  • All our pages are dynamically designed and get processed from a database each time you visit us. Sometimes this can lead to unusual problems if your internet-provider is using a so called "proxy". This a kind of cache which stores popular webpages to reduce traffic.

    To avoid this Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer have a feature to turn off this proxy. At your programmes' main-menu choose "Preferences". There you find a function called "Network" or "Advanced" where you can choose between "Proxy" and "Direct Access". Click on "Direct Access" and your providers proxy will be deactivated for this session. The names in the menue and functions may vary between different programms.

If you encounter any further questions, just drop us a line.

We hope you enjoy using our webservice and thank your for your visit!