Terms of Sale and Delivery...

 Verkaufs- und Lieferungsbedingungen    Conditions de vente

The offer is not-binding. There is not a delivery obligation. Prices are determined in euro. The dispatch takes place debited to and on danger of the customer. Payment without deduction after receipt.

In case of foreign orders or first orders the dispatch is made by C.O.D. consignment or with payment in advance. Orders by telephone have to be confirmed in writing.

There is a proprietary right as to § 455 BGB (German Civil Code) until complete payment. The legal domicile and the place of performance (including hortatory proceedings) for both parts is Celle in Germany..

The books offered are of a state corresponding to their age. Little defaults are not always mentioned. A return can be accepted in case of justified claims within eight days, but only after agreement on both sides. By groundless return we calculate 10,00 euro for postage and work expended Deliveries are Orders are executed in the order of the input.. Books which are not delivered within 3 weeks are already sold.


Abb.= images Ill.= illustrations
Aufl.= editions kart.= bound in boards
Bd./Bde.= volume(s) Kte.= card
Bibl.-Ex.= library copy Ktn.-Sk(n.)= card sketch(es)
Bln.= Berlin Ldr.= leather
bst.= edges Ln.= cloth-bound volume
brosch.= stitched Lpz.= Leipzig
DEA= German first edition NaT. NaT.= name of title
EA= first edition NaV.= name on preface
Ebd.= binding O.= original
einger.= teared Pbd.= cardboard binding
etw.= a little bit StaT.= stamp on title
farb.= coloured StaV.= stamp on preface
fl.= with blots stockfl.= moldy
ger.= very little Taf.= board
Hldr.= half leather U.= envelope
Hln.= half cloth-bound Widm.= dedication
Hrsg.= editor


Kl.-8°= up to 18,5 cm = up to 22,5 cm
Gr.-8°= up to 25,0 cm = up to 35,0 cm
= over 35,0 cm

The offered books are of 8° if there are no other indications.

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